Portuguese Stereotype #1 “Portuguese people are insane soccer fans”

portuguese stereotype 1Ever since the photo of Mr. Ridiculous, here, was released, there is a crazy assumption that all Portuguese people are die-hard soccer fans, which simply is not the case. Portugal, like many of its European soccer power countries, has great talent, which draws an extensive fan base and large support system, but with differing levels of fandom, and national acclaim. So why do so many assume the Portuguese are “Soccer-heads?” Well:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo has been cited multiple times as the best footballer in the world (sorry Messi).
  • Portugal has yet to win a world cup, but almost always advances to the playoffs, with dramatic plays and close finishes (i.e. the Selection’s third place finish in the 1966 World Cup).
  • People such as the man pictured show up and games, and become media representations (Google Italian soccer fans, they are crazier).
  • Players such as Pepe head butt their opponents (no that we approve), and become meme sensations shortly after
  • They have been one of the world’s Top 10 Teams according to FIFA, for many of the recent major soccer tournaments (i.e. World Cups, European Tournaments, and Club Ligas).

Although there are multiple reasons justifying Portuguese soccer madness, there are many reasons why it is unjust to assume that every living, breathing Portuguese loves their team. Why? Because a lot of people dislike sports. (A lot of people also dislike Ronaldo’s sizable ego). Therefore, ask the Portuguese on an individual basis, whether or not they like soccer, and base your judgment on an individual basis, rather than a group.

Adios pessoal (Goodbye people)!


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