Portuguese Stereotype #2 “All Portuguese Women Have Moustaches”

When I read this stereotype on www.thenationalstereotype.com I was infuriated. It is physically impossible for every Portuguese woman to have moustaches. This is because of the following:

  • Portuguese women (like most of their European counterparts) invest a great deal in personal hygiene treatments, especially waxing.
  • Portuguese women are women, who thanks to a biological miracle called hormones, do not have the same chemical makeup as men, who are able to have moustaches, because of increased tester one.
  • Some Portuguese women do have moustaches, because they simply choose not to invest as deeply in personal hygiene treatments as others (see point number one). But that is the case all over the world. Therefore, there are plenty of American, British, Chinese, (etc.) women who have facial hair above their lives (“moustaches”), who do not get criticized for it, so knock it off!

So, until some lunatic takes physical data of every single woman in Portugal, and provides close-up, non-edited photo proof of the claim that all Portuguese women have moustaches, I deem this stereotype to be one of the most ridiculous, untrue pieces of information out there about Portuguese people. (I’m also a Portuguese-American with no upper lip facial hair in sight).

Ciao lindos! (See you later cuties!)portuguese stereotypes 3


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